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Mentoring Specialist

I am a Mentoring Specialist with Children, Youth, Families and Communities and part of the 4-H program team.  I have been with MSU Extension since July 2000.   I completed my undergraduate studies at Central Michigan University where I received a Bachelors of Science in Sociology with a Social Work concentration and a Psychology minor.  I recently completed my graduate studies and have a Master of Arts in Youth Development from Michigan State University. .

My responsibilities as the Mentoring Specialist in the state 4-H office include providing training and support to 4-H staff with mentoring responsibilities as well as mentoring professionals from other organizations. This support is provided through statewide, regional, and site specific trainings, designing and distributing resource materials and responding to questions.  I have been an appointed member of  the Mentor Michigan Providers Council for four years and served as chair of the committee that developed the Michigan Quality Program Standards for Youth Mentoring and a checklist for the standards. 

I was an Extension Educator at the Ottawa County MSUE office for eight years prior to moving to my current position. In this role I managed the Journey 4-H Youth Mentoring program and the Ottawa County Mentoring Collaborative.

Phone Numbers: Work Phone: 517.432.7622
Fax: 517.355.6748
Work Address: 160 Agriculture Hall
East Lansing, Michigan
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