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Administrative Handbook A-L Detach


This handbook is a compilation of policies from the MSU Faculty Handbook, the MSU Support Staff Handbook, and other MSUE policies and procedures specific to MSU Extension employees and operations.

When appropriate, every effort has been made to reproduce MSU policies accurately and to apply them correctly to MSU Extension.   Responsibility for final interpretation of any MSU policy lies with the University.
For MSUE policies, the Director or the Director's designate has authority regarding their meaning and interpretation.
Modification of MSUE policies must be in writing by, or at the direction of, the Director.  The MSUE policies will be updated from time to time by, or at the direction of, the Director.  The Director retains the sole prerogative to add MSUE policies or delete MSUE policies.
All MSUE employees are obliged to understand and follow the policies/procedures/processes contained in this handbook.
Questions regarding interpretation of the handbook policies should be addressed to MSUE Human Resources. 


Accident Reporting Procedure for Work Related Injuries
Acting Status Appointments
Additional Work for Pay
Administrative Leave
Affiliate Extension Appointments
     Affiliate Status Application Instructions
     Affiliate Status Evaluation Form  
     Affiliate Status – Chair’s Evaluation Form
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Annual Leave

Boards and Committees Participation

Civil Rights Policy
Code of Ethics
Conflict of Interest
Continuing Employment 
    Continuing Employment System document 
    Step I, Step II, and Step Three Promotions (MSUE Career Path)
Course Fee Courtesy Program
Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Discipline - Academic Staff
Discipline - Non-Academic Staff
Dispute Resolution/Appeals - Continuing Employment (CE), Performance Development System (PDS), and General Purpose Dispute Resolution Procedure (GPDRP).

Educational Assistance/Supplemental Expense Reimbursement
Employee Grievance Procedure: Off-Campus, Non-Academic
Equal Employment Opportunity

Exempt Status of Academic Staff

Family Medical Leave Policy
Financial Accountability - MSUE Sponsored Groups
Fixed-Term Employment: Professional Portfolio Review 
    Step I, Step II, and Step Three Promotions (MSUE Career Path)
Former Employee Reference Requests (Public Act 189)
Freedom of Information Act Requests
Funeral Leave (Bereavement) 

                          Criminal Background Checks
                          Employment of Relatives
                          Entry Level Salaries - Periodic Review
                          Equal Employment Opportunity
                          Posting of Academic Positions
                          Recruiting Process Guide
                          Position Request Form-Academic
    Non- Academic: Off-Campus
                          Position Establishment 
                          Starting Pay Rates
                          Equal Employment Opportunity 
                          Criminal Background Checks
                          Employment of Relatives
                          Position Reclassification
                          Employment Procedures
              Forms and Letters
                          Position Request Form
                          Vacancy Announcement Samples 
                          Non-Academic Hire Form
     Temporary Personnel
               Link to Forms/Procedures 
     On-call Personnel
            Link to Forms/Procedures
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Administrative Handbook M-Z
Server Access Policy
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment - By Non-Employees

Starting Pay Rate (Paraprofessional Staff)
Step I, Step II, and Step Three Promotions (MSUE Career Path)
       Step ll: Professional Portfolio Application and Review
                    Step II Portfolio Review Guidelines
                    Step II Candidate Portfolio Template
                    Step II Chris Clover Example document
                    Recorded Webinar: Preparing a Successful Step II Portfolio
                    Portfolio Submission Instructions
                    How To Review Portfolios and Provide Feedback
                    Step II Site

       Step Three Status 
                    Eligibility, Selection Criteria, Application Guidelines and Review Procedure
                    Q & A
                    Template for Candidate Application
                    Annual Timeline/Due Dates
                    Sample Step Three Document
                    Sample Critical Reflections
                    Preparing for Step Three - An Adobe Connect session
                    Instructions for Portfolio Submission
Study Leave

Telecommuting Guidelines
Tuition Assistance Policy
          Tuition Assistance Procedures
          Tuition Assistance Application and Reimbursement Request (Requires login using MSU Net ID)

Unemployment Compensation

Veterans Benefits

Witness Fees

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