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Elm Leaf Beetle

Adults: The adult beetle is approximately 1/4 in. long (6-8 mm) and dull olive-green in color. There is a longitudinal black stripe along the outside edge of each wing cover and an elongate spot at the base of each wing cover near the center of the body.

In the home: Elm leaf beetle adults create the greatest nuisance, invading homes in late summer and early fall. They may become active inside the house if their hiding places become warm any time throughout the winter. In the spring, beetles attempt to return outdoors, and often gather in large numbers around windows. At this time a vacuum cleaner or broom can be used to remove the beetles. As additional beetles leave their hibernating quarters, vacuuming must be repeated. The spring emergence period (early-mid-April) lasts from several days to a month. After this period the beetles will be gone from the house.

Chlorpyrifos (ready to use) may be used to treat hibernating masses of beetles located in attics and wall voids.

The severity of infestations can be greatly reduced by caulking cracks in exterior and interior house walls and by keeping screens (including screens on attic vents) in good repair.

For a complete listing of suggested control option for all home, yard and garden insect pests contact your local Extension Service, found under local government in the phone book.

Read and follow instructions on the pesticide label. Heed all warnings. Check with your physician if you have any concerns regarding your personal health risk.


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