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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources

POLICY: Any research survey of MSUE staff members must be approved by the Director’s office.
APPLIES TO: MSUE Staff that want to conduct a survey or staff that want to promote a survey someone else is conducting.


The MSU staff person contacted should refer the investigator/survey representative to The Office of the Director of Extension.

The Director of Extension or Director’s designee will review and approve or reject the survey.

The Director’s office will inform staff of any survey that has been approved.

If approved, MSUE will forward the instrument or the link to an on-line survey to the appropriate staff members, consistent with the researchers proposed sampling frame.

MSUE will NOT provide a list serve or other listing that could be utilized to send surveys to MSUE staff members. 


To gain approval, the originating investigator must supply the following:

  • Copy of the proposed instrument
  • Letter of support from the investigator’s supervisor (major professor, Department Chair and/or Extension Director)
  • Copy of the originating organization’s Institutional Review Board authorization
  • Statement indicating how the information will be utilized.
DATE: April, 2009