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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources








MSUE requires being informed of the boards and committees on which staff members may serve that are external to the University in order to assure that staff members are covered by MSU’s liability insurance.  This assurance is given, if this service is approved as work related by the immediate supervisor.




MSUE provost-appointed academic and non-academic staff  





  1. To qualify for coverage by MSU liability insurance, the activity must be related to the conduct of programming for MSUE.
  2. The staff member discussed the service on the external Board or Committee with his/her supervisor and received approval. 
  3. With approval, the employee is protected should a lawsuit arise as a result of such involvement.
  4. Notification must be made to the Supervisor, and forwarded/copied to MSUE HR, whenever a liability/negligence issue and or a lawsuit appears likely.


  1. Employee communicates – in writing (email is acceptable) – with his/her supervisor concerning the Board/Committee on which s/he desires to serve. 
  2. The email should indicate if liability insurance exists for the group or organization and how the External Board or Committee relates to MSUE work.
  3. An approving response from the supervisor is sent to the employee (the appropriate Regional Director should be copied on the approval).
  4. Academic staff must also report the service on such Boards/ Committees in his/her Educational Initiative (Methods and Activities).



DATE:    June 2009