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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources
  1. Staff members, including those under federal appointment, are not subject to the Federal Hatch Act.

  2. As citizens, MSUE academic and support staff may be candidates for partisan political office.

  3. Being a partisan candidate may entail the assumption of political positions that could, potentially, pose conflicts with an individual’s role in MSUE.  MSUE employees may not permit their personal political affiliations and involvement to intrude on their exercise of judgment in carrying out position responsibilities. 

  1. The employee must keep his/her administrative superiors closely advised regarding any sources of actual or reasonably anticipated conflicting interests.  The employee is responsible for avoiding conflicts of interest and failings in this regard that may give rise to prospective discipline.

  2. Conflicting interest issues are also implicated by an MSUE employee using his/her position as a base for personal political activity.  Such is prohibited.  MSUE employees seeking political office may not use their duty time for these pursuits.

  3.  If an MSUE employee is elected to political office, the demands, expectations and prospective conflicting interests may be such that the employee will have to take personal leave of absence during his/her term of office.

  4. An MSUE employee considering political activity must timely disclose such prospective activity to his/her County Extension Director or other responsible administrator, so that there is an opportunity to identify and discuss points of concern or sensitivity.

  1. If determined appropriate by MSUE administration, a letter of agreement is to be fashioned, setting forth mutual understandings and agreements aimed at assuring against prospective conflicts.

  2. If mutual statement is not possible, the responsible administrator shall notify the individual, in writing, regarding any specific concerns.
DATE:    December  2009