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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources

POLICY: Parental leave with pay of up to six weeks is available for the birth/adoption of a child.
APPLIES TO: MSUE provost-appointed academic staff 
  1. Parental Leave is used for the birth of a child and the adoption of a child.  For adoption, the child must be under age 6 and/or not a full-time student.  Parental Leave is not available for foster care.
  2. Parental Leave can be applied before or after the birth.  For adoption, Parental Leave can be used only after an adoption date has been set.

  4. Parental Leave applies to both men and women who are academic employees of MSUE.  If both spouses are academic employees of MSUE, a maximum of six weeks of parental leave is shared.

  6. Parental Leave can be taken as a block of time (six consecutive weeks) or intermittently.

  8. Parental Leave must be taken no later than one year after a birth and/or adoption.

  10. For childbirth, the short-term disability policy (up to 6 months at full pay as stipulated by a health care professional) applies.  Parental Leave is in addition to the short-term disability leave.

  12. Following the event of a birth and/or adoption, MSUE’s policy for an academic employee automatically allows a one month personal leave/no pay for child care purposes if requested.  The employee’s position will be held for the one month leave.  The personal leave/no pay for child care can be extended.  Return to the vacated position beyond one month  is the prerogative of the supervisor and is clearly stated to the employee in writing prior to action relative to the continuation of the personal leave/no pay.

  14. Both Parental Leave and short-term disability leave are subject to FMLA.

  16. As with short-term disability leave, the academic staff member requesting parental leave should do so in writing.  The request should specify the plan for using Parental Leave and, to the extent possible, the dates of parental leave.
DATE:    April, 2009