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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources
POLICY: The Performance Development System (PDS) is a means to assess employee performance and foster employee growth relative to MSUE work. This effort is a collaboration between the immediate supervisor and the employee.
APPLIES TO: MSUE provost-appointed academic staff with primary appointment in an MSUE administrative unit.
  1. The steps in the Performance Development System are Performance Planning, Reflection/ Progress, Assessing, Summarizing/Reporting. Educational initiatives are the primary planning vehicle to express major work efforts during a performance cycle.
  2. PDS is a continuous flow process - when one work effort is completed, another is developed. The loop is continuous with certain check points along the way.
  3. PDS is successful to the extent that trust and communication exist between the employee and the supervisor.
  4. Formal reports are made quarterly through the Extension Information System (EIS).
  5. Feedback/development efforts through discussion/agreement between the immediate supervisor and the employee are recorded in the Performance Development Summary.
  6. A performance rating of exceeds expectations, meets expectations, partially meets expectations or does not meet expectations is given for a performance period.
  7. There is an appeal process for those who disagree with their performance ratings.
  8. Annual salary adjustments are associated with the performance rating. Monetary regional awards are given on a merit basis. Individuals who receive either a partially meets expectations or does not meet expectations rating are not eligible for a salary adjustment.


Refer to the Performance Development System Guide for specific procedures/forms. (Will need to be logged into the portal for this to open)
DATE:   January 2004; Revised - December 2004; Revised - February 2008; Updated - November 2008,  Apirl 2009