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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources
POLICY: The MSU Course Fee Courtesy Program provides one-half of undergraduate tuition (first Bachelor’s) as financial aid for dependent children and/or a spouse of an eligible employee.
APPLIES TO: MSUE academic staff members in the Continuing Employment System.
MSUE non-academic employees with 60 FTE months of service.
  1. The maximum allowable number of credits under Course Fee Courtesy is 120.

  2. A separate Course Fee Courtesy Fee Application is necessary for each student.

  3. Once the Course Fee Courtesy Fee Application has been approved, it is unnecessary to file additional applications unless readmission is necessary.

  4. Complete Course Fee Courtesy eligibility guidelines are available online at:
  1. Course Fee Courtesy Applications are available online at  Click on her, login using your MSU Net ID, click on Course Fee Courtesy application, and then choose either:

                            “Apply for Course Fee Courtesy”


                            “Review Existing Applications”

    You may also go directly to the online Course Fee Courtesy application at:

  2. Generally, Course Fee Courtesy Applications are due June 1 for Fall Semester, October 1 for Spring Semester, and March 1 for Summer Semester.
DATE:    April 2009