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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources
SUBJECT: Periodic Review of Minimum Degree Requirements
POLICY: In keeping with the need to have a qualified and competent workforce, it is the policy of MSU Extension to periodically review and adjust, as determined necessary by the Director of Extension, the minimum degree requirements for MSU Extension employees.
APPLIES TO: All newly employed MSU Extension academic staff and may apply to current MSU Extension academic staff members seeking a promotion or change to another MSUE position.
PROVISIONS/ RESTRICTIONS: The Director of Extension will determine the timing and method for reviewing minimum degree requirements and implement any changes deemed necessary.
  1. The Director of Extension will develop a strategy for seeking input, and for gathering and reviewing relevant data, to determine the adequacy of the minimum degree requirements for MSU Extension academic staff.
  2. The Director of Extension will seek input from staff and others, as determined appropriate, prior to implementing any changes deemed necessary in the existing minimum degree requirements.
  3. Reviews and proposed changes will require approval of the Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
DATE:  April 2009