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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources
POLICY: Continuing Employment, MSUE’s job security system, is granted after six full fiscal years of meritorious service. Receipt of Continuing Employment insures an academic staff member continued employment, assuming adequate financing and acceptable performance. See the Continuing Employment System for an explanation of the process.
APPLIES TO: MSUE provost-appointed academic staff members with open-ended appointments in specified units.


  1. Continuing Employment is granted to a person - it does not reside in any particular position.
  2. Eligible academic staff members serve two three fiscal year probationary periods.
  3. A review is held prior to the conclusion of the third full fiscal year of employment and the sixth full fiscal year of employment.
  4. Continuing Employment is granted only at the conclusion of the sixth full fiscal year of employment.
  5. The third year review results in continuation of employment or dismissal; the sixth year review results in granting continuing employment or dismissal.
  6. Action must be taken to grant or deny continuing employment. It cannot be automatically conferred through a failure to hold a sixth year review.
  7. An MSUE academic staff member may be dismissed for cause at any time.
  8. An appeal system is available for a continuing employment employee dismissed for performance reasons.
  9. In order to be granted Continuing Employment an employee must be eligible for Continuing Employment and successfully complete a sixth full fiscal year professional portfolio review.
  10. An employee who successfully completes a sixth full fiscal year professional employment review receives Step II status and a $2000 (FTE) salary adjustment.
  11. MSU Extension Human Resources Services will supply a more detailed policy document upon request.
  1. The continuing employment applicant completes the Step II Review Application prior to the end of the third full fiscal year of employment and prior to the sixth full fiscal year of employment, as necessary. The appropriate CED completes the Step II Supervisory Input Form which provides the CED's view of the accuracy and quality of the educator's application effort.
  2. The application is reviewed by the regional director and two other MSUE administrators for off-campus staff members or three appropriate administrators for on-campus academic staff members. Continuing Employment is granted by majority vote of the committee.
  3. A recommendation is sent to the Director of Extension, then to the CANR Dean, then to the Office of the Provost for approval.
  4. The employee is typically notified shortly before July 1 of the calendar year in which the review occurs.
DATE: April 2009