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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources
POLICY: A personal leave without pay may be granted.
APPLIES TO: MSUE provost-appointed academic staff.
  1. One month or less.
  2. Extensions for up to five months.
ELIGIBILITY: Employed on a 50% time basis or more.
  1. Personal leaves may be granted for such reasons as:

    1. Settlement of an estate.
    2. Serious illness of a member of the employee's family.
    3. Child care.
    4. An extended trip.
    5. Temporary termination of the employee's work but not for the purpose of obtaining employment elsewhere.

  2. An employee on personal leave for periods of one month or less will be returned to their position held at the commencement of the leave. An employee on personal leave exceeding one month requires approval by the Regional Extension Director for their return to work. An employee may return early from a personal leave with approval by the Regional Extension Director.
DATE:    April 2009