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MSUE Administrative Handbook: Human Resources
POLICY: At times, it is necessary to appoint staff on an "acting" status basis to carry out the responsibilities of vacant positions, in positions where the incumbent is on leave status or to perform special project assignments.
APPLIES TO: MSUE Provost-appointed academic staff.
  1. An acting appointment is considered to be temporary and is not to exceed 12 months in duration. The Director of Extension must approve all acting administrative appointments and other appointments that exceed 12 months.

  2. An acting status position is not required to be posted.

  3. If an acting status position is to change to regular status, (temporary or permanent), the position must be posted. An individual who occupies an acting status position must apply for the position when posted to be considered a candidate.

  4. Compensation for acting status assignments will be considered only when the reassignment will last one month or more.

  5. A current employee who is placed in an acting status assignment which is considered to be at a higher level of responsibility will be compensated with a salary increase of a minimum of 5% but not more than 10% depending on the assignment. When the employee returns to his/her former assignment, his/her salary is reduced by this increment.

  6. A new employee who is hired in an acting status assignment will be compensated according to the normal new hire salary determination process.

  7. Exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by the Director of Extension.
DATE:    April 2009