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Checklist for Improving Soybean Yields

This list contains management practices that are proven to contribute to high-yielding soybeans. The list is organized chronologically, beginning with the fall before the soybeans will be planted. This list can be used to identify opportunities for increasing soybean yields. 2 pp.

Cranberry Site Requirements
This publication describes the optimal soil, climate and water conditions for the growth of cranberries. Sections include Climate, Soils, Water, Water Quality, Regulatory Considerations and Cranberry Expert Team.

Field Crops Area of Expertise Team

Teams of Extension specialists, field staff and others around specific topics producing training, publications and research.

Nitrogen losses from soil

Nitrogen (N) can be lost from the field through three principal pathways: denitrification, leaching and surface volatilization.The form of N a farmer chooses should depend on how serious a problem he has with the above N losses. Cost of N, labor, equipment and power availability are other considerations when choosing a fertilizer source. 2 pp.

Soils of Michigan

An in-depth description of the soils found throughout Michigan. Sections include What are soils, How do they differ, Why are their differences important, Properties used in soil classification, Soils of Michigan, Land division, etc. 59 pp.

Map of Michigan soils available here.

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations.

Sustaining healthy soil

Discussion of how to improve and maintain soil quality in order to ensure food safety.

The Guide to Michigan 4-H Youth Development - Plants, Soils & Gardening

A listing of publications and resources designed to help 4-H leaders and youth participants with a crop and soil sciences project. 7 pp.

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