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Resources in Ohio:
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Buckeye Sports Turf Page

TurfNotes, SportsNotes, International SportsNotes and LandscapeNotes were developed to keep Golf Course Superintendents, Sports Turf Managers and all turfgrass professionals abreast of current topics important in daily management of turfgrass. The timely, technical "notes" are provided on a continual basis throughout the year. A wide range of topics are covered, but primarily involve both abiotic and biotic stresses that are presently occurring. There are a variety of contributing authors for all of the Notes products, all of whom are faculty or staff at The Ohio State University.p>

Cooperative Emerald Ash Borer Project

Map showing Emerald Ash Borer Project locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio and southwest Ontario, Canada.

Emerald Ash Borer (website)

Website that is part of a multistate effort in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (uninfested) to bring you the latest information about emerald ash borer.

Emerald Ash Borer CDROM

This CD-ROM contains resource materials available on emerald ash borer. These materials can be downloaded, or if you desire hard copies, please contact the sources of the materials.

Regulatory Incidents with EAB Presence by County in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

Map showing regulatory incidents with emerald ash borer presence by county in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. 1 page.

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