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Saturday, October 25, 2014
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dead wood
forest communities
forest ecosystems
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forest growth
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forest succession
forest-wildlife relations
Resources in forest ecology:
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Forest Ecology Series: Forest Terminology and Ecological Systems
Introduction of terms related to forest ecology. 4 pp.

Forest Ecology Series: Measuring Site Quality
MSU Extension Service
Michigan State University
Extension Publications E2639

Information about site quality and its relationship to forest productivity. 4 pp.

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations. For current recommendations contact your local Michigan Extension office.

Forest Ecology Series: Site Conditions and Forest Cover
Information regarding forest sites and species composition. 4 pp.

Forest Ecology Series: Soils and Site Productivity
Information about nutrients and soil properties important to forest managers. 4 pp.

Forestry Area of Expertise Team
Teams of Extension specialists, field staff and others around specific topics producing training, publications and research.

Incredible Trees: How They Grow and Survive

Description of tree physiology and reaction to insects and disease. Includes sections on the necessities of life, structures and their function, how trees die, energy budget, energy allocation, defensive dieback, adaptive growth, compartmentalization, etc. 11 pp.

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