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Oil & Gas Royalties: Look Before You Lease

This bulletin describes a new phrase that oil companies are including in their leasing agreements that is costing landowners money.  Includes suggestions for negotiating this phrase out of a lease.  6 pp. P. Kakela

This bulletin is available from the MSU Extension Bookstore.

Oil and Gas Leasing - Some Basic Considerations for Landowners

Adger B. Carroll,Assistant Director of Extension for Natural Resources and Public Policy
Peter J. Kekela, Associate Professor, Resource Development Cooperative Extension Service Michigan State University
Extension Bulletin E-1512.
9 pages 
This publication answers landowners' questions regarding signing an oil and gas lease

Issued May 1981 (Fil. 1)

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations. For current information contact your local Extension office. Michigan offices.


Seismic Testing on Your Property

This bulletin describes the process of seismic testing on private property. It includes some reasons for seismic testing as well as an example of a seismic contract from a testing company. 4 pp. L. Gould

This bulletin is available from the MSU Extension Bookstore.

Using Spray Oils for Insect Control
This publication describes the use of spray oils for insect control in fruit trees. Sections include why use oils, what to use, when to use oils, how to use oils, and precautions on using oils.

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