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Resources in breads:
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Breads, Cakes and Pies in Family Meals - A Guide for Consumers

Covers the basics of baking. A number of recipes are provided for breads, cakes and pies. Revised. 32 pp.   Archive copy of publication, do not use for current recommendations.

Food Tips for Moms and Tots

Cooperative Extension Service
Michigan State University
Extension Bulletin e928.

Issued (N.D.) (Fil. 1)

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Issued (N.D.) (Fil. 9)

Issued (N.D.) (Fil. 10)

Issued (N.D.) (Fil. 11)

Issued (N.D.) (Fil. 12)

Issued (N.D.) (Fil. 13)

Issued (N.D.) (Fil. 14)

This publications provides information on your child's nutrition and ways to get them to eat more nutriously.

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations.  For current recommendations contact your local Extension office. Michigan Offices.

Shop Smart - Sharpen Your Food-Buying Habits: 12. Shop for Your Best Bread Buy

How to make good choices when shopping for bread. Also includes recipes for Sloppy Joes and French Toast. No. 12 of a series. 3 pp.

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations.

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