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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Resources in agricultural products:
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Commercial Warranties and Agricultural Products

Cooperative Extension Service
Michigan State University
Extension Bulletin e1053

This publication discusses both the Uniform Commercial Code and the Magnuson-Moss Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act. 

Stephen J. Meyer, Attorney at Law, Former Extension Specialist, Agricultural Economics
Issued March 1977 12 pages  (Fil. 1) 

Archive copy, do not use for recommendations. For current recommendations contact your Michigan Extension Offices.

Direct Marketing of Agricultural Products to Tourists -Tourism Information Series No. 12
Michigan State University Extension
Bulletin E1960

Dennis B. Probst, Patricia S. Newmyer, Thomas E. Combrink
Issued September 1986 19 pages (Fil. 1)

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations. For current recommendations contact your local Extension Office.

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