production economics
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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concentration of production
crop acreage
crop insurance
crop losses
farm inputs
farm profitability
food production
gross domestic product
gross national product
livestock insurance
postharvest losses
product utilization
production costs
value added
Resources in production economics:
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Cost of Production Worksheet

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for calculating the cost of production. Can be opened in other applications that are compatible with Microsoft Excel. 3pp.

Cost of Production Worksheet - Income Statement for Crops

This worksheet outlines the steps for totaling the cost of production, specifically the income statement for crops. Provided in useful form format, also contains directives on filling in the appropriate information. 6pp.

Crop Insurance and Risk Management Primer

A survey of the important aspects of crop insurance and risk management, created and intended for persons new to the area. Includes color grapics and a graph of insurable crops, locations and plans. 68pp.

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