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Resources in economics:
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Economic returns per acre from an experimental organic farm in West-Central Illinois

Results of a project on the economics of an experimental organic farm using corn/soybean/wheat rotations.

Energy: An Environmental and Economic Dilemma; Seminar 4: Developing an Energy Policy

MSU Extension Service
Michigan State University
Extension Publications E1176

This publication is a summary of the fourth seminar sponsored by Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service focused on energy

Jim Shaffer, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Raymond Vlasin, Professor of Resource Development, William Cooper, Professor of Zoology, Herman Koenig, Director, Center of Environmental Quality
November 1977  4 pages   (Fil. 1)

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations. For current recommendations contact your local County Extension office. Michigan Offices. 

Factors Reducing Pork Value
Report on the factors that substantially reduce pork value including information on how to reduce their negative influence on the pork industry. Includes sections on consumer perceptions, retail/food service perceptions, packer/processor perceptions, and producer perceptions. Major revision. 5 pp.

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