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Resources in planning:
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Developing a County Web Site to Assist Local Planning and Facilitate Citizen Involvement
MSU Extension Service
Michigan State University
Extension Victor Institute for Responsible Land Development and Use Bulletin 1020

Stephanie Smith, Institute of Water Research, Erin Hogarth Victor Institute
Issued June 2003 4 pages (Fil. 1)

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations. For current recommendations contact your local Michigan Extension office.

Estate Planning in Montana: Getting Started

A guide to estate planning in Montana. Covers six steps and twenty objectives to the process of arranging your affairs regarding the use and distribution of your property. 4pp.

Planning and Zoning*A*Syst #10 Subdivision and Land Splitting Reviews
The purpose of this bulletin is to help determine if best planning practices are being used and minimum legal requirements are being met to work with and adopt various ordinances dealing with the oversight of splitting land.

Planning and Zoning*A*Syst #11 Capital Improvement Review

Capital Improvements Review (E-3106) provides a review of the process for the planning commission to review and comment on local government construction projects (which are otherwise not subject to zoning), and outlines how this review can be used as a constructive way to ensure that government-funded projects comply with the adopted plan and local ordinances.

Planning and Zoning*A*Syst #9 Capital Improvement Programming
The purpose of this bulletin is to help determine if best planning practices and minimum legal requirements are being used to create, adopt, and update capital improvement programs. A capital improvement program (CIP) is a prioritization of various infrastructure and public improvement projects that need to be constructed to successfully implement a community’s adopted plan.

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