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abnormal behavior
agonistic behavior
animal behavior
antisocial behavior
attachment behavior
behavior change
behavior modification
behavior problems
conditioned behavior
coping strategies
diurnal activity
human behavior
maternal behavior
nocturnal activity
problem solving
response, behavioral
sexual behavior
social behavior
Resources in behavior:
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Alternatives To Foods As Rewards
Ideas for zero-cost and low-cost alternatives to food rewards for "good" behavior in school. 1 page.

Capacity-building Skills for Public Officials - Express Yourself Without Turning Others Off!
Information for public officials on how to best speak publicly and express themselves while appealing to the public. Sections include Understanding and Developing Confidence, Analyzing Behavior Styles, Messages and Their Meanings, Necessary Behavior Skills, etc. 20 pp.

Capacity-building Skills for Public Officials - Influencing Others

Cooperative Extension Service
Michigan State University
Extension Bulletin e1916
Capacity–Building Skills for Public Officials

Information for public officials on how to use their leadership to influence others. Sections include Leadership Defined, Task or People Orientation, Interaction Skills for Leaders, The Role of the Group Member, etc.

Donna Sweeny, Extension Specialist, Department of Resource Development
Issued October 1985  39 pages  (Fil. 1)

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations. For more information contact your local Extension office.

Farmers Need to Prevent Sexual Harassment, Retaliation

An overview of recent court cases against agricultural operations for sexual harassment. 2 pp.

Leaders Have Several Options
Information about what makes a leader. Sections include What Do Leaders Do, What Makes Leaders Tick, What Traits Do Leaders Have, Leadership Style, etc. 5 pp.

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