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salamanders and newts
Resources in amphibians:
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Exploring the Prairie Fen Wetlands of Michigan
Nestled within wet depressions among the rolling hills of southern Lower Michigan, prairie fen wetlands are one of Michigan’s biological treasures. These globally rare wetlands are dominated by sedges and grasses and provide habitat to hundreds of native plants and animals. In addition to being incredibly rich in biological diversity, prairie fens form the pristine headwaters of many of the region’s rivers and lakes. The streams and lakes that emanate from prairie fens sustain countless species and provide recreational activities cherished by swimmers, boaters and anglers. These wetland communities serve as a rich biological reservoir and form a critical component of the natural landscape of southern Michigan.

Michigan Frogs, Toads & Salamanders

Field guide to Michigan's 23 species of amphibians--frogs, toads and salamanders. This popular, nontechnical guide includes large color photos of amphibians, descriptions, similar species and maps showing state distribution. Glossary of terms. Sections on anatomy, fossil history, behavior, reproduction, foods and conservation. Also includes fascinating habits of amphibians, captive care of adult amphibians and raising tadpoles and salamander larvae.

by J. Harding

This bulletin is available from the MSU Extension Bookstore.


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