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Monday, October 20, 2014
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Resources in plant parasitic nematodes:
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Corn Nematodes

Diagnostic factsheet from the Plant Diagnostic Center with color photos of common corn nematodes. Discusses the causes and prevention issues. 4pp.

Detecting and Avoiding Nematode Problems

Information about sampling fields and orchards in order to submit soil samples to detect nematodes.
G.W. Bird, Fred Warner Department of Entomology  Issued March 1990 6 pages

This bulletin is available from the MSU Extension Bookstore.

Diseases of Potato: Verticillium Wilt and Early Vine Death
Information, including color photographs, regarding the identification and control of verticillium wilt on potato. Early vine death due to nematodes is also discussed 4 pp. Revised.

This bulletin describes plant-parasitic nematodes, a roundworm that lives in soil and feeds on plant roots. Discusses the aboveground and belowground symptoms of the disease.

Pine Wilt Disease - a Tale of Insect-Nematode Partnership

Pine wilt disease is caused by a nematode whose biology and control is described in this factsheet, with full color photos. From the MSU Diagnostic Center, 4 pp.

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