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A.I. Sire Summary

This report contains information from 1982 for USDA-DHIA genetic evaluation on 332 sires. Sires are ranked in this bulletin by the expected differences of their future daughters and their herdmates as expressed by the Predicted Difference value for income (PD$$). The PD$$ combines economic values for both milk and fat. 7 pp.

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations.

Diets for Pregnant Dry Cows

Information about the proper rations for pregnant dry cows to meet the nutritional needs of the cow and the unborn calf. 5 pp.

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current recommendations.

Getting the Cow Herd Bred

Describes management practices for improving fertility and increasing productivity in cow herds. Includes sections on nutrition, environmental effects, herd health and body condition. 8 pp.

This bulletin is from the MSU Extension Bookstore.

MSU Research: Optimal Dietary Phosphorus for Close-Up Cows
This publication discusses the need for accurate amounts of phosphorus (P) in dairy rations for cows. Precise provisions of phosphorus are required both to meet cows’ requirements and to achieve effective on-farm nutrient management and environmental sustainability. 3 pp.

Ration Phosphorus Management: Requirements and Excretion
This publication discusses the management of feed phosphorus inputs and the effects of ration phosphorus on excretion of phosphorus by dairy cattle. 12 pp.

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