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Friday, October 24, 2014
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Resources in animal manures:
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Animal Manure: Future Strategies for Profitable Animal Agriculture in Michigan

Overview of a conference held at Michigan State University that addressed innovative manure management and related technologies and animal agriculture in Michigan. 3 pp.

Improving Manure Management - A Springtime Checklist
Description of what steps should be taken in order to manage manure pH, keep soil tests current, and calculate the rate per acre of manure application in order to reduce the need for fertilizers and increase crop yield. 2 pp.

Manure - What Makes it Stink?
This publication discusses the compounds that are present in manure which cause it to be odorous. Also talks about new methods that are being developed to measure the concentration of odorous compounds in swine housing facilities.

Manure Testing Laboratories
List of laboratories around the Midwest that perform manure analysis. 1 page

Myths About Manure - What's Your Manure IQ
A listing of myths about manure and its application. Includes each myth and an explanation of why it is false. 2 pp.

The Scoop on Livestock Manures as a Source of Regulations and Responsibilities

Information on the utilization and management of livestock and poultry waste. 7 pp.

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